Friday, 12 October 2012

Making a toddler mac - Part one

So, finally this weekend when the weather really turned I realised I had to get my crafty finger out and sew the mac I had promised for my daughter. At 16 months she really wouldn't know whether I made it or not but for me it is a show of motherly crafty love for her and the shower proof fabric is so good it can't go to waste.
After initially buying the fabric from Abakhan I downloaded my first ever PDF pattern from Etsy form a lovely Slovenian girl who goes under the monika of 'Tutorial girl' - here's the link if you get too inspired!

I started by carefully sticking together the PDF pieces to get this and then adding 1 cm seam allowance to each piece. I measured her current mac to check the size as they are in European childrens clothes sizes. Once I'd added the 1 cm seam allowance, I simple traced each piece onto some translucent white baking paper that luckily I had in the drawer. Top tip; It's good to use a meter rule as some of the lines that need tracing are long!

I then laid each pattern piece out on my shower proof fabric. It's got  great 7o's style fairtale pattern that I wanted to make sure was really visible so I cut out very careful and probably had more wastage than usual. I didn't want to use pins (its' a rainmac after all!) so i used electric tape to tape down each piece. It worked really well!

So I'm all cut out now and ready to sew - something tells me this is going to be the tricky part!
Next installment will be next week.