Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mollie makes - New craft magazine

While eating a box of Easter chocolates, flicking through a copy of my mum's magazine 'The Knitter' it's good to read about new craft publication 'Mollie makes' that will be hitting the shelves soon.

The aim is to reach a whole new generation of crafters who are part of a vast online community getting their inspiration from websites and blogs. The new magazine will provide readers with trendy and contemporary projects in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Jane Toft, the art director for the project says on her blog:

'It's not a project book – although we do have projects never fear – more a beautifully printed keepable version of the eye candy and inspiration found on design blogs, Etsy and Flickr. We have crafty guides to a different city each month, plus sewing cafes, amazing stores to visit, books to read, and places to go.'

If you're a crafter they are looking out for crafty contributors around the world, so drop an email to if you fancy joining us.

Available on 12th May and with a great introductory offer of £5 for three issues a copy will certainly be in the library at Ministry of Craft.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Take Part in an ArtYarn project this summer...

If you are a keen knitter or crocheter and fancy making something a little bit different this summer then read on...>>>

Ministry of Craft's knitting and crochet  tutor Rachael Elwell, also known as ArtYarn, is currently adding to her list of community and public art projects by delivering several exciting woolly installation based project, in which she is inviting anyone with knitting and crochet skills to take part.
So if you have previously completed any of our knitting and crochet courses with Rachael, or you already have  basic knitting and crochet skills and wish to contribute, here's how you can get involved!

Firstly, ArtYarn will be creating a giant sculpture made from huge letter shaped pin cushions at this years family focused festival, Just So Festival 2011. 
Crafters from across the globe are invited to send in their woolly and fabric, nature inspired creations, and they will all be sewn on to the sculpture and will be on display at The Just So Festival 2011.

For more information on how to take part in this project, and for free patterns and inspiration please visit the project blog:

The next project on ArtYarn's agenda is the wonderful 'New Mills Woolly Wander' project in which ArtYrn's Rachael Elwell is the consultant artist. 
The New Milly Woolly Wander project will go on display in September 2011, and will be part of the New Mills Festival 2011.

For this project the Woolly Wander team are asking knitting and crochet enthusiasts to knit and crochet candies and sweets, and to knit squares!! 
To find out why, follow the link below..

Thanks for reading and we hope you will enjoy taking part in the projects.

If you would like to see a full list of ArtYarn's community and public arts project please visit:

and follow their blog:

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Chris meets Amy Butler!

There was much excitement in the office today when we received an unexpected email from our fantastic tutor Chris, telling us that he had just met Amy Butler! Whilst in a John Lewis store in London, a tannoy announcement informed shoppers that Amy Butler was doing a book signing and Chris (like any dedicated crafter would) swiftly made his way upstairs to meet the textile queen herself. He even managed to have a quick snapshot taken with her and told Amy about Ministry of Craft, our love for her fabrics and the fact that we have used them for some of our course's. The news certainly brightened our day and Amy Butler's fabrics are sure to brighten up yours!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kane the King of crochet

Ministry of Craft has long championed the art of crochet and now it seems high fashion is singing its praises too, with Christopher Kane creating a luxury catwalk collection made largely from crocheted squares! The rich, earthy tones give a sophisticated feel to the garments, which have been tailored into some beautifully cut and figure flattering pieces. I think this shows the heights that crochet can be taken to and serves as wonderful inspiration when you pick up a crochet hook! With Learn to crochet and Creative crochet: Intermediate techniques and patterns courses' coming up at the Ministry of Craft this coming Spring/Summer you too can learn this great skill.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Hot off the press!

It seems Ministry of Craft has been catching some national attention of late, with two more features in Sewing World April 2011 and Sew Hip May 2011 issue 28. It's wonderful to see that our crafty offerings are striking the right chord with people.