Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mollie makes - New craft magazine

While eating a box of Easter chocolates, flicking through a copy of my mum's magazine 'The Knitter' it's good to read about new craft publication 'Mollie makes' that will be hitting the shelves soon.

The aim is to reach a whole new generation of crafters who are part of a vast online community getting their inspiration from websites and blogs. The new magazine will provide readers with trendy and contemporary projects in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Jane Toft, the art director for the project says on her blog:

'It's not a project book – although we do have projects never fear – more a beautifully printed keepable version of the eye candy and inspiration found on design blogs, Etsy and Flickr. We have crafty guides to a different city each month, plus sewing cafes, amazing stores to visit, books to read, and places to go.'

If you're a crafter they are looking out for crafty contributors around the world, so drop an email to if you fancy joining us.

Available on 12th May and with a great introductory offer of £5 for three issues a copy will certainly be in the library at Ministry of Craft.

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