Monday, 20 December 2010

Tea cup candles

We feel like Christmas elves in our house and have been slaving away at making candles for everyone. Rik managed to search out some amazing vintage teacups from a couple of the many charity shops in Chorley and apart from not writing down the colour / scent combinations (and then not been able to remember what was what!) it has been a fairly problem free process.

To make the candles I used Kirsties,  Channel 4 beauty and  Design sponge instructions, which all made sense, but I just pinched bits from them all to do it the way that seemed best. I would recommend doing a trial run, just to get the hang of it. Oven gloves are a must, as is an old plastic jug and a pan - we used a set of old camping billy cans.

The results are very satisfying, and once you get going there's no stopping. Might be a bit late for Christmas, but great for birthdays, Mother's day, etc. Enjoy! SS

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