Monday, 24 January 2011

First guest post by Rachael Elwell...

I'm really excited to be making my first guest post for the Ministry of Craft blog!  
For my first post I'd like to share my new found love of knitted and crocheted jewelry; what I have been making; and how other designers are also using similar techniques to create some stunning pieces of Jewelry.

L: Ministry of Craft tutor Rachael Elwell

On April 16th I will be delivering a short workshop at Ministry Of Craft, teaching participants how to create their very own knitted bracelet , complete with beautiful beading and ready to wear by the end of the class.  Click here for more info.
I have been experimenting, researching and creating many samples using different colour wires and beads to find the perfect combination to create knitted jewelry that can be made with the most basic of techniques. I must say that the inspiration for these pieces came from The Bead Shop in my home town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Here are some examples of what I have been making...

Work in progress

Detail of bracelet being made

One of the finished bracelets.

When I started knitting with wire I decided to take a look on the internet to see how other crafters have been making their jewelry creations with knitting and crochet too, and i found these beauties...

From the 'Entangled' Collection by Niiro of Izola, Slovenia: Found here

Unfortunately the Esty Link for this piece no longer exists

Using yarn, cabled bangles by Klytemnestra : Found here

This could work so well with pleated wire knitted tubes!!
By A Alicia (check out her portfolio, it's amazing!!)

Quirky little knitted mustache pendent by Nanouke

This piece is exquisite! I must find out how those beautiful side boarders have been made: 

That's all for now. I really hope you have enjoyed reading my first guest blog post on the Ministry of Craft blog. 

Happy crafting, Rachael :o)


  1. I think this technique is really exciting and your work is beautiful Rachael. I look forward to reading your next post.