Thursday, 12 January 2012

Chloe Owens - the free machine queen

January for me is always a time to 'catch up on craft' reading the issues of craft magazines that have dropped through the door that I haven't had time to read over Christmas and also to make a new list of projects I want to get done before the light nights come back round again.

I couldn't help notice Chloe Owens mentioned in a couple of my issues. Her work is original, kitsch and a combination of free machine embroidery, applique and hand embroidery. As well as scooping a feature in the very inspiring Mollie Makes she's also got a book out - All sewn up - (available to pre-order now at Amazon). She's the perfect Free machine embroidery queen - and just in time to inspire those of you who are coming on one of forthcoming Free Machine Embroidery and applique courses. Happy viewing ! SS

1 comment:

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