Friday, 12 September 2014

Book Review, Giveaway & Free Pattern - Woolly Woofers by Debbie Bliss (Quadrille, £14.99)

A long time ago I bought a Debbie Bliss book full of beginners knitting projects suitable for babies. I knitted a simple scarf in beautifully soft Debbie Bliss wool and my daughter still wears this scarf years later. So thank you, Debbie for igniting my passion for knitting.

And thanks to Debbie once again for her newest book launching today. I can honestly say that Woolly Woofers will have dog lovers everywhere howling with delight. Knitting for dogs has NEVER been so chic!

Woolly Woofers is a collection of over 20 knitwear designs for dogs. There are patterns for dogs of all shapes and sizes so there's something for everyone. I love this book, I don't have a dog, but I know people who have dogs, love dogs and also love knitting. And this is what I will be buying them for Christmas this year.

The book is lovely, kitsch sure but tastefully designed too, and filled with super adorable outfits to make...

...such as the colourful Mardi Gras Mutt...

...or perhaps you're more of a Puppy Polo...(I would wear this myself)...

...please someone, ANYONE, make the Pierrot Hat and Ruff. I guarantee that if you make these for your pooch and take him for walkies you will be treated as a celebrity. It must be knitted up instantly.

To celebrate the launch of Woolly Woofers by Debbie Bliss, the lovely publishers Quadrille, have given us a copy to give away. If you'd like to get your paws on a free copy just follow the link here. I'll draw a name out of a hat next Friday (19 September), and announce the winner.

We're also encouraging everyone to share photos of their dogs in their new outfits using the hashtag #WoollyWoofers. If you'd like to road-test one of the patterns from the book we have an exciting, exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD of the ever so tasteful Good Boy Gansey cabled coat. You lucky mutts!

If you're a novice knitter and you'd rather learn the basics first, then why not come on one of our beginners knitting courses, taught by the super awesome Rachael Gwilliam (Art Yarn)? Check them out here.

Now go forth and spread the word! Download the pattern! Enter the give away! Buy the book! Share your photos!

And enjoy your weekend.

Woolly Woofers by Debbie Bliss (Quadrille, £14.99)
Photography: Richard Burns

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