Thursday, 23 October 2014

Super Spooky Tutorial Round Up - Our 5 Fave Halloween DIYs

Halloween is possibly my favourite day of the year so, predictably, our Pinterest board is groaning under the weight of horrifically easy and terrifyingly cute ideas for DIY costumes, decorations and treats. Here are my favourites but do check out the whole selection. Not all are suitable for kids, but most of them are!

1. Pumpkins are the mainstay of Halloween, but if you want to hide from trick or treaters this year, and secretly craft behind your closed curtains, then why not sew up this cute pumpkin pin cushion?
2. Obviously it’s a given that something MUST be carved, so after you’ve whittled your traditional jack-o-lanterns, get out your sharpest knife and have a go at this super gross watermelon brain
3. I’ve pinned lots of ideas for DIY treat bags on our Pinterest board, but I love these trick or treat candy collection buckets. Old paint pots, duct tape, cardboard. Boom!

4. As a busy mum, I’m a fan of the VERY quick and last minute costume ideas (there’s loads on our board) but this Owl Costume for kids with fabric feathered wings is something to take your time over and keep forever.
5. Liven up your party: add simple cardboard black cats to your existing Christmas fairy lights and drape throughout your venue, or pin them up outside your house to attract the trick or treaters.
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Happy Halloweening!

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