Friday, 10 April 2015

Book Review & Giveaway - Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt

'35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear'. I'm in! Sign me up! Get me some super chunky yarn! Why am I shouting? I'm clearly a bit too excited about receiving my copy of Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt (photography by Penny Wincer, published by CICO Books rrp £12.99).

Just look at this throw. LOOK AT IT WITH YOUR EYES and tell me you aren't tempted to run to the nearest yarn shop right now?! I'm not sure I can even wait that long: I'm currently deconstructing my husband's best t-shirts into one continuous strand of chunky jersey yarn just so that I can knit up this masterpiece. Ok. I'm not really doing that, but I should be.

 There's something VERY appealing about not needing any needles, no knitting bag, no crafting equipment. Just your arms, fingers and balls of chunky wool. It's lo-fi at its best but just look at the magnificent projects at your disposal. Knit up this cute chunky travel blanket on the bus to work (you might need a bit of extra room in order to avoid punching your fellow passengers in the face as you 'knit', so grab the whole back seat).

Not all of the garments in the book are my cup of tea, I've never been much of a bolero wearer, but there is a lovely infinity scarf which is an essential item for your Autumn, Winter and let's face it Spring wardrobe.

I'm also loving these finger knit baskets and other colourful vessels. Finger knitting is where many of us started out as kids, and now we've got a reason to rekindle our love for this overlooked craftform. So limber up your fingers, pull out your yarn stash or visit the sales, and have a go at one of the many projects on offer. This book would make a great addition to your crafting library or it could be the perfect gift for the creative person in your life.

The lovely people at CICO Books have given us a copy to giveaway. To enter just visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment by next Friday 24th April. Good luck and HAPPY KNITTING!

Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt, photography by Penny Wincer, published by CICO Books rrp £12.99

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