Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Get into shape with Decoupage

If you're anything like us at Ministry then you have a little stash of things that you can't throw away because they are just too pretty. Birthday cards, wrapping paper, out of date calendars, sometimes it's hard to part with things even though their purpose has been served. If only there was a way to immortalize these precious scraps and elevate them to the level they deserve! Well there is and it's called decoupage. 

Chairs, tables, vases, bangles and anything else you can imagine can be covered in your favourite prints and made into beautiful keepsakes that no one will ever question!

Our decoupage workshop remains one of our most popular but that doesn't stop us from improving it! We now have some fabulous new shapes for you to get carried away with, so everything from earrings to key rings can be covered and coveted.

If you fancy getting creative with your own paper stash then join us for Decoupage Jewellery, 5 September

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