Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Guest Blog Post: Learn to Long Arm Quilt at Breightmet Quilting Studio

This week our friends over at Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio tell us about their special machines that takes your quilting to another level!

So, what is a long arm quilting machine?  It is basically a “fancy” sewing machine that is mounted on a quilt frame.   Our studio uses a semi-industrial sewing machine and a super-king size frame, which holds the layers in place while you sew.  It's amazing!

 You can finish a large quilt with ease or explore free motion embroidery on a large scale.

Despite the growing popularity of sewing and quilting, these machines are relatively few and far between.  Part of our vision is to provide access to a machine that is out of most people’s budget and is too large to store in one’s home or studio space. 

We offer classes on using the machine as well as regular quilt clubs:  First Friday of the month 1-3pm and third Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30.  We also offer a quilt finishing service and allow people to rent our machine.

Just mention Ministry of Craft and you will receive 15% off.

Get in contact with the Quilting Studio below:

Facebook:      Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio
Twitter:                      Alongarmquilter
Mobile:                       07872 342 718         (Jennifer Gilmour)
                                    01204 329710           (Linda Jones)

Continue building on the skills you’ve learned on Ministry of Craft’s Patchwork Workshops.

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