Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Book Review & Giveaway: Crochet Dress Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins

Halloween is fast approaching and if you're stuck for costume ideas we've got the book for you! Crochet Dress-Up by Emma Friedlander Collins has loads of great ideas for dressing up the kiddywinks. 

I had already decided on my own costume this year (you'll have to wait for the big reveal on that!) but by lucky coincidence the book had a little inspiration on how to make it a reality. I followed the pattern for the cobweb necklace and adapted it to make it a little bit bigger. The pattern was easy to follow and my cobweb was suitably spooky!
Cobweb necklace in the book

My spooky adaptation
And that's really the test of a good crochet book - easy to follow patterns and great ideas! This book has both and it also has a bonus beard pattern! What more could you want?

Well why not have a go at one of the patterns for FREE! Click here for the excellent witches hat pattern.

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©CICO Books, taken from Crochet Dress-Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins, photography by Terry Benson, published by CICO Books

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