Friday, 19 December 2014

Clear Cut: Beginners Paper Cutting

I recently had the pleasure of attending our brand spanking new workshop Clear Cut: Beginners Paper Cutting. I had attempted paper cutting at home and they never quite turned out how I wanted them to. I needed a bit of direction and tutor Jess Panesar was just the lady for the job. She guided us through the best way to approach our designs and had lots of little tips and tricks to get a fantastic end result. The great thing about the course is that you go away with what is essentially a beautiful piece of art at the end of it.

My first successful paper cut
 There are different ways to go with paper cutting and whilst I love the intricacies of tiny nicks and slices I was very impressed with some of the simpler designs that came out looking incredibly accomplished!

Sometimes the simpler the better

I caught the paper cutting bug and after the course I immediately replaced the blade on my craft knife and got to work making bespoke, one-of-a-kind, Christmas presents and birthday cards. I can't wait to give these presents and I'm still thinking up new designs and occasions when I can put my skills to use in the New Year.

A Birthday Card Design
One of a kind Christmas Present

It's a craft that's low cost and elevates a simple drawing to a fairytale level, what's not to love?

And guess what, there's another workshop on the 7th of February (just in time to make a stunningly sweet valentine days card!) and you can book it here!

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