Monday, 6 July 2015

Beginners Luck

We're passionate about spreading the crafty love, especially to those who have never crafted before. Sewing is a speciality of ours and we love nothing more than seeing a class of fresh faces at our beginners sewing workshops. 

We want you to spread the love for us too, so for a limited time (July, August & September) we're offering our most popular sell-out course, CONQUER YOUR SEWING MACHINE at the lower price of £29.50. 

And if you buy a course as a gift, or if you refer a friend and they mention your name and email address in the comments section when booking online, we'll email YOU a £10 Ministry gift voucher as a thank you. 

Did we mention this is the perfect course for kids who'd like to learn to sew (**11 years old and up!**)?

Book them some Summer holiday sewing machine fun, and get a £10 voucher for yourself!

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