Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Crafts with Kids

Whether you're home for the whole six weeks or just having a low key 'holiday' at home we've scoured the interweb for the best craftivities to entertain you and the kids this summer.

Painted Rocks

 Homemade dominoes, purely decorative or even your own stone village, source some pebbles and let the painting commence. Cheap and easy this keep those little ones occupied the whole summer long!

Finger Knitting

 Put those little fingers to use and get them winding yarn, it's easy to learn and once you have a bundle of it you can make anything from a cushion to some animal ears!!

Felt Badges, bags, bunting

 Felt is a kid crafters dream, easy to hand sew and no fraying, the sky's the limit. Why not design and sew your own family crest or a mini badge of their favourite animal. A felt bag will keep the more ambition of your nippers quiet, whilst felt bunting can be fun for all the family.

Hama Heaven 

Oh the endless possibilities of Hama beads. Let them run wild with their own designs or find some templates on pinterest, they can spend hours arranging these little beads of loveliness.
Plastic Bags

What house doesn't have a bag of bags? Well now is the time to put the to use, get your little ones twisting and weaving and recycle at the same time! This fab tutorial will tell you all you need and you can use your new baskets to go blackberry picking in the autumn.

Happy Making!!

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