Monday, 13 July 2015

Superior Sofas

It's no secret that we LOVE Fabric but did you know we sell it?

For a few weeks now we've been procuring the tastiest textiles in the land for all your fabric needs.

This weekend you can join us on Beginners Sewing: Zip and Buttonhole Cushions and to give you some inspiration here are our top picks of fancy fabrics that will make an sofa swoon. There really is no better way to show off a fabric than with a good old cushion. 

Fabrics from top left: Cotton Small Gathering in Azelea, Cotton Tulip in Eucalyptus, 
Cotton Town Centre in Crush, Cotton Abacus in Eucalyptus


if you can't make it this weekend then order your fave fabric and make like our pals over at Humilde Folk; have a go at this easy cushion tutorial! 

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